We are a small humble business that focus on delivering an additional

Service to the general public/business with renting camping gear with the emphasis on the how can we call it, infrastructure items like Tents, Freezers, Dual Batteries etc.

But be sure that this portfolio will grow to a more comprehensive list based on market demands.


We are located in Brackenfell Western Cape RSA,

The owner,  Jacques Basson originally from Namibia or (Suid-wes) loves the

Outdoors, camping, 4x4 trials and overlanding when time permits.


We are a down to earth folk running a down to earth Business providing a Hire option.


Rather than buy to the public as many folk cannot justify buying items they might

Require once or twice a year or just don’t have the space to store bulky tents and accessories.


Feel Free to contact or email us anytime should you require our assistance.